Often times when I design a space, I try to design with the future in mind, and as many variables as possible. Design is an investment, and most people do not have the capability to do it over and over again. When I revisit a space that I have done, I am always pleased to see how it looks, and how it has been lived in, and used.

Doc Harr’s office, 1 and a half later
Today I went to go see Dr. Harr. He had a little mishap with a painter, who may or may not have damaged a chair by completely falling on it and destroying it; but that is besides the point. The point is, it was an excuse to go see my favorite dentist, and his beautiful, and spectacular office designed by a wonderful and talented designer, MUWAH!
I was so very pleased to see the office, a little over a year later, looking fabulous. Everything was still in place, in tact, and perfect, just as I had planned it.
Nothing like revisiting a design in it’s full glory seeing it functioning beautifully and looking fabulous. The space is comfortable, easy on the eyes, and a great introduction to a root canal! Ok, maybe not, but the space still looks fantastic, and I am pleased to say, the designer did an outstanding job!