Four weeks ago with a handful of mad skills, sharp faculties and a bag full of tricks ( or smashed oreos and dorito’s with all the excitement I clearly cannot remember) I convinced the remarkable and amazing designer, Dayka Robinson to show me Atlanta, the insiders edition. Our first order of business was on Thursday night at an invitation only event to Pieces in Atlanta. 
Dayka and I Thursday night
The event featured Jonathan Adler, a designer dedicated to bringing style, craft, joy, and a general feeling of grooviness to your home. 
The event was jammed packed. Everyone maneuvered around precariously clinging to the cool iced drinks offered from the bar as if it were a mirage in the desert. Thank goodness for the invention of ice cubes, and liquor.
And on a HOT Atlanta night, we could have used a little more air conditioning! But thanks to the swift moving bartenders they quickly shelled out cool refreshments to help bring the temperature down and make us feel a little less like the packed sardines we were.
Dayka, who has been telling me about this awesome blog, Decor Demon, here having a conversation with none other than the author himself, Brian Flynn Patrick. His blog is fun, witty, and informative! I too had the pleasure of meeting him and cannot say enough about how gracious, and nice Mr. Brian is.
Dayka and Brian Flynn Patrick of Decor Demon
I also had the opportunity to meet blogger Niki McNeil of Single bubble pop. Her blog is fun, stimulating and focuses on finding inspiration from multiple disciplines, including design and art. 
After perusing throughout the store, and meeting some wonderful people and bloggers, myself, Niki and Dayka decided to head over to flip burger boutique, for a FANTABULOUS burger. If you haven’t been there, you MUST go!
This burger boutique has all organic meat, and the BEST fries, onion rings and dirty vodka martini I have EVER had. If you like vodka, as you all know this is my weakness, it is worth a cross country trek, or a three hour drive from Nashville, for a delightful sip of pure heaven!
I have many, many, more adventures to discuss, so stay tuned for more stupendous and exciting escapades of me and Dayka in Atlanta!
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