Every year when the holidays hit I am both excited and dumbfounded. Why you ask? Well first and foremost I love the holidays! People are kind, their hearts are warm and something about this season is just magical. However, I am also always amazed at how quickly the year went by! The old adage is true, the older you get the faster father time speeds by.

how to zhush up your space for the holidays

December reminds me of many things. It is a time to slow down and take stock of the past year plus it’s a great time to reflect on my big goals. The other thing that is great about the holidays is that when the temperature becomes a wee bit more crisp outside we tend to nest more and cozy up to those we love.

Right now the current trend in interiors is the white trend. I have nothing against white, although I find it quite boring. I tend to gravitate toward large saturations of color because it is warm and inviting. So even if you have a white space, December is the perfect time to add warmth for the cozy nights by the fire with rich, glowing colors.

how to zhush up your space for the holidays

Here are some of my quick tips to zhush up your space for the holidays:

  • Add an eclectic feel with vintage blankets that are rich in colors
  • Mix and match colorful pillows
  • Introduce accessories in matte gold
  • Infuse your space with warm, rustic woods
  • Add charm with hand made items that have meaning to you

We spend a lot of time indoors this time of year. So light up that fire, grab some comfy blankets and curl up on the couch with your loved ones. And be sure to infuse your space with rich warm colors to make it feel cozy and comfortable. I promise it will make your hot chocolate taste better!