About a year ago I wrote an article on The Secret To Perfectly Organized Bookshelves. Bookshelves may seem like a utilitarian place to store books and odd ball items for display but they really are not for the faint at heart. Our homes have beautiful architectural details that if styled right can instantly give your room a face lift, and showcase your most prized objects with style. Today I helped a client style her book shelf for with items she already had and  the results were stunning.



Don’t be afraid to edit. Many of my clients over decorate their shelves and want to show off everything. Instead, rotate your collections and books for a more organized look. Use like minded items, like pottery, colors, finishes or objects that display well and are easy on the eyes. Always leave room to add new books or found items and remember to have fun with it! And if you’re not entirely sure what to do, give me a call! I am happy to help. My team and I can come out ourselves, or I can do a virtual appointment with you to get you on your way.

What is the most challenging aspect of designing and decorating your bookshelves?

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