How to style your bookshelves like a pro

Thank you so much for attending today’s tele seminar on How to style bookshelves like a Pro! Below you’ll not only find our five tips we discussed on the call, but I’ve also included a storyboard of some beautiful accessories I would use in a bookshelf installation, to show you how you can do it too.

The 5 Most Important Styling Tips

I would say that of all the little spaces in our homes, bookshelves cause the most grief with homeowners. How should you style them? What should you put on them? What shouldn’t you put on them?

I get it, i really do. Trying to figure it all out can make you want to ignore them and keep them disheveled. Ack! I don’t want that for you. The good news is, just because bookshelves can seem tricky, that doesn’t mean we should pretend they don’t exist. I’m here to help you get it right!

There is a balance to creating the bookshelf look. You want one part book, one part mementos, and one part accessories. It’s almost like mixing up the perfect drink.

I think the one reason people often get it wrong is they stuff them full of books which leaves no room for character.

You want this area to really show off your books, your travels, your family and your favorite things. The trick to a well balanced look is all in the mix. The mix gives it that eclectic vibe that feels collected over time and not over styled. Now I know what your thinking, ” But I have no idea how to create the mix!” Well you’re in luck, I do, and I have 5 things I include in every shelf I style to get that look.

These 5 things will give you that designer mix and ensure your style is just right:

  • Paint the back of your bookshelf
  • Lean/hang art throughout
  • Show off mementos from your travels
  • Add graphic printed blankets
  • Add a lamp

Mixing up your items helps you avoid the “too perfect” look. You want your space to look lived in, used and well loved. Achieving that makes it comfy and inviting.

Encourage and entice your guests to check it out. When it looks intriguing, it will be an automatic conversation starter. Plus, there is nothing better than showing off you and your family in an interesting way,






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