Here in Nashville, the weather is still surprisingly warm. Yesterday the high was 85. Incredible! Typically, I start preparing my home for winter in mid October… but not this year. I still have several items to take care of but I must say, it’s hard to tear my patio apart when my plants are confused, but thriving.

Despite the beautiful weather, I know change is coming. I know that within just a few weeks the nights will be dropping into the forties. By December the nights will dip into the thirties. This is not good for your ceramic containers, your hose or even your gutters. This weekend I will start the journey of winterizing my home. No clue what you should include? Here’s a handy print out to get you started!


Fairly simple, but if you own a home you know how important it is to take care of it. Have other items on your list? Each region is different, so send me what’s on yours and I’ll add it to the list and share. (Photo Source: unknown)

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