Several weeks ago I was approached by one of my most favorite people to join in a beta test for an upcoming project. Knowing the quality and education behind this product I of course said yes! The product was designed by Varian Brandon, better known as the breakthrough coach. Varian has all sorts of education behind her along with twenty years of experience in the corporate world, but that isn’t what makes her special. Her approach is all about the “why not” attitude, which I love. This January she is launching a new program called, Decode your Money Mindset. And I am so excited to have been one of the first people to go through the program!

Amanda Gates and Varian Brandon

Varian has an uncanny way of peeling back your layers and getting to the root of the issue. It’s not about your excuses, its not about your circumstances, it comes down to your mindset and your archetype; in other words who you are at the core. Combined with your upbringing, your archetype determines your relationship to money. There are two things that define us in this world, your relationship to money and your relationship to sex. And if you are a tortured soul, like most, they are deeply intertwined.

My archetype is the nurturer. I put others before myself and will starve before I let another go without. I will put myself through pain, discomfort and suffering so that another doesn’t have to experience the same. What does this have to do with money? Well it turns out a whole lot! Raised by a single mom, I grew up with the mindset that money didn’t grow on trees. I also grew up knowing that we must always give back….combine that with this archetype and I give to the point of falling into debt and falling apart to exhaustion. Wow.

With this new found information I started doing further research. I took the strength finders test, the Meyers Briggs test and did further tests and research….it all started lining up. It all said the same thing. Turns out I have a money mindset, just like every other American in this country. Damn…I’m not special!

If you are struggling to charge what you are worth, having difficulty saving, or unsure of your relationship with money then this program is for you. Varian’s wisdom, insight and years of experience will teach you how to move past the bullshit and get to the core of your issues…then she’ll teach you how to take it by the horns and kick it’s butt! In full disclosure, I am not getting anything in return for sharing my experience. I am not an ambassador or getting paid or anything like that for doing this post. I truly had a transformational experience from this course and I have been shouting it from the rooftops. This six week course changed my life and made me realize so many things about myself, especially as a business owner. If you are a creative entrepreneur I highly recommend you take this course to fully understand your value and why you make decisions the way you do.

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