Imagine living here in the states as many of us do – stable, with an average routine of kids, soccer practice and caring for the golden retriever named Henry. You live in an 1800 square foot home with amenities you likely take for granted every day and the grocery store is just a few short miles away. This is life. Then one day your husband comes home and says he’s being transferred to Switzerland, or China, or Africa and you have three weeks to uproot everything and land in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, can’t read the signs, know no one, and have no clue where the grocery store is.

Could you do it?

Sundae Bean is an Expat Expert. She and her husband have moved several times to many different countries and she was once that foreigner who had no idea how to navigate the unknown. Not only does it take courage to sign up for such a life, but it also comes with many sacrifices. Missed holidays and birthdays, time zone differences which make it difficult to communicate and the shear fact that normal no longer exists. Sundae once had to make the decision to flee her home as refugee men stood outside her home with semi automatic guns. She could stay locked up in her home hoping they didn’t barricade their way in or risk the 20 minute drive to the airport to get she and her kids out of the country.

Can you imagine? It’s hard to believe a life like this still exists but here in the States we are quite pampered and sheltered.

I’m so excited to join Sundae on her podcast today to help those in transition better understand the energy of their foreign homes and how to make that space home – no matter how temporary it is! Click the button below to listen to our podcast!

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