Buying or selling a home is an emotional process. Perhaps you’re selling because of a job transfer and leaving behind lots of friends and family. Or maybe you’re downsizing after the kids have gone off to college. Maybe you’re about to embark on buying your first home and have a baby on the way. No matter how you slice it, buying or selling a home is a big deal. Despite the fact that many people want to make it into a purely transactional event, there’s a lot of energy that surrounds this monumental occasion. Every step is shrouded in memories, adventure, sadness, fear, chaos and shear excitement, and that can all happen in one day!

Bottom line, you’ll never buy or sell for black and white, transactional reasons. You’ll make decisions based on your family, career, health and partnerships. And when it comes to your home you’ll always find one key ingredient at the core of those decisions, love. It’s the one emotion that does what it will and gives with reckless abandon (if you allow it to). I mean just think about the time you met “the one.” Good lord, nothing changes routine, breaks you out of your mold or makes you weak in the knees like love. How about the moment you met your first child? And your second? Did you ever think you could ever love someone so much, someone that you never met!? What about the joy a child brings you when you experience life through their eyes, and their perspective?

Love drives us wild, makes our heart skip a beat and turns us into blubbery idiots because we cannot control how it makes us feel. And not one of you reading this would change that because that’s the point of love. Our homes are the glue that connects us and holds space for all of it. Your home brings your family together, holds you through the good times, and provides a safe space during the really bad times.

This February as we celebrate the month of all things love, I encourage all of you to take a moment to embrace all that you have and hold gratitude for all that your home provides you. Have a great family dinner, share your day and enjoy a sweet treat together over laughter and tears.

Below I’ve put together a great list of some of my favorite local bakeries to help you make this February with your family a little sweeter! (And don’t forget my Feng Shui Love Course is On Sale until February 21st!)