It’s about that time of year again where spring break is upon us. Whether you’re in college and heading south for a week of fun or just breaking away from the daily grind for a vacation there are ways to feng shui your travels.

While everyone looks forward to vacation for a chance to kick back and relax there’s one thing we can all agree on, traveling in itself can be stressful. Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I need a vacation from my vacation”? The hustle and bustle from making planes on time, checking things off your to-do list, making sure you haven’t missed packing something is enough to leave you rattled. There is really no need for all that stress and you can ease into your vacation with these Feng Shui tips in mind.

How to improve your next trip with Feng Shui

How to improve your next trip with Feng Shui

  • Invoke your travels for protection

It is said in Feng Shui that 9 pieces of orange peel help heed negativity and provide protection. Place in a red envelope or carry in your pocket.

  • Mark your departure with ceremony

Place a 6′ red cloth over your threshold, visualizing safe travels as you step over it. This marks the beginning of your travels and utilize the cloth when you depart your destination to mark the ending and attract safe travels home.

  • Clear the energy

When we travel we often forget how transient places can be, especially in older hotels. Keep in mind that many people have traveled and stayed in this space, and your about to dive into that energy soup. If possible clear the air with incense. If this is not possible, spray orange essential oil or some type of citrus. This helps clear the negative energy and promotes good vibrant Ch’i while you stay.

  • Create a travel altar

Regardless of your religious beliefs a travel altar is your touchstone to begin and end your day in the place you are in to stir up good quality Ch’i. Set up a scarf, and a few personal objects that are meaningful and inspiring  to you. I love to start a small altar as a ceremony to welcome myself to the city and add objects to my altar that I find from that city to honor where I am.

  • Self-care

While you’re on vacation make sure to carve out some self-care time to leave you refreshed and recharged. Vacation can some times leave you frazzled. Take notice of where you are and all the inspiration it brings you. Bask in the idea of slowing down and getting out of your normal routine. When my team and I travel we love to indulge in high quality self-care products like these:

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Traveling to and from a destination can be hectic and stressful. Be mindful of how travel typically goes and honor that you have the time to enjoy the process of the journey. Find joy in all the little things, even if that means dealing with the crazy guy sitting next to you that won’t shut up.

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