To a lot of people they hear the word Feng Shui and immediately their heads go down. In my office we’ve all experienced this. Whether at a party, a workshop, or in a coffeeshop – the question eventually gets asked, “What do you do?” There is rarely an ‘in between,’ people are either super curious, or totally freaked out. I find this funny because Feng Shui can add so much benefit to your life and open you up in unimaginable ways, if you allow it. Recently, I was interviewed by Tammy Templeman of House Play Renovations in New Jersey. She was in the camp of being curious about what it could do for her. I wanted to share this interview because I think she asks some very valuable questions that likely, many of you have too! Plus, it’s always good to open your mind to the possibility that there is more out there.

how to get started in Feng Shui

In addition, Feng Shui can change your life if you are open to it. In my new book, Feng Shui for the Soul™, I’m talking about this very thing. FYI – it hasn’t come out yet, because I’m still writing it! But I have faith that it will be out by spring next year. Feng Shui can be the spiritual matter that provides profound mystical experiences in your life. It allows you to touch magic everyday with childlike wonder. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Today, Tammy asks me about what Feng Shui is, what to look for and how to get started on your own journey with The Top 5 Disruptors screwing up your Shui!


Enjoy! And if you have any questions about your own Feng Shui journey, post those below!