As a designer I gain inspiration from the wildest things. Some intentional, some accidental. Probably more accidental than anything. With a premeditated vision I head in one direction and by the end of the day Im headed down I-40 when I should have been on I-10. But that is ok. I have found that the best ideas have come when chaos erupted and serendipity set in. Why else would we do it? It’s moments like these that keep us on our toes, and keep the excitement alive. We thrive on it. We get bored easily so when the unexpected occurs it is our moment to sink or swim, (hope you brought your floaties!)

Curiosity, fascination, innovation=genius

I often get the question. How did you come up with this? What was your inspiration? Dare I say a jelly donut, a bag of Dorito’s and a beer? Well probably not that crazy…( gotta look more interesting than that, but keep in mind it is in our ingredients!) But inspiration can strike at any moment! If you feel that you are not a creative person you need to broaden your horizons. We are all creative in our own way. For instance, if you tend to be more left brain you will see things more analytical, logical and straight. To us this is symmetrical. If you are right brain we tend to see this as design MAGIC! But no favoritism here.

So how do you find inspiration in ordinary things to make them extraordinary?
1) Determine what it is you are wanting to accomplish. A room redo or a house redo?
2) Flip through magazines that cater to the room or rooms you are wanting to work on. Try to collect at least 3-5 tear sheets.
3) Look through your tear sheets. Is there a pattern? Possibly a repeating color, wood stain, chair style, etc.
4) What do you want your new room to be? How will you use it?
5) Once you have an overall direction inspiration can come from anything. A coffee cup, an antique, perhaps a jelly donut?
As children we are encouraged to be free and creative. As adults we are morphed into a label that we feel we must stick to. You may not carry all the ingredients to be a true designer, but open yourself to curiosity, maybe a little crazy, and you will be amazed at the results it will yield! Here are some ways I get inspired:

Inspiration 1
This is an excellent source for inspiration. It is fun, colorful and with several color schemes to work with
you won’t feel constricted to pick just one. It fancy’s the child within us and brings out a sense of humor. Who could’t use more of that?

Inspiration 2
Colorful and imaginative these decorative glass eggs spark amusement, hilarity and lightheartedness. Great for inspiration these enjoyable sculptures could whisper all sorts of ideas in my head.

Inspiration 3
For those who are a bit more serious this lamp has a beautiful pallet of earth tones, with an unexpected rim of thistle. With beautiful beiges, and browns this could develop an entire backdrop for a bedroom, library, family room, or even a dining room.

Inspiration 4
What would life be without a little arts and crafts? One of my truest passions, I am always drawn to the quirky eccentrics of clever art. I love things that make me smile and make a space truly unique. And what better to help you on your journey than a cunning piece that starts you off on the right trunk, I mean foot!
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