Did you know that you can use Feng Shui to create an amazing trip? Whether you’re traveling on business or heading to the beach for vacation, utilizing these energy principles will set you up for success. By utilizing a few basic Feng Shui principles you can clear the energy and set up your chi for a great trip.
Everything is energy, so chaotic energy can show up as delays, frustration and disappointment if you’re about to embark on any kind of trip. By using Feng Shui tools you can create an amazing trip! Yep, it’s true! By utilizing some basic Feng Shui energy principles you can clear the energy setting your Chi straight ensuring you have a great excursion.

One of the greatest mistakes we make before a trip is trying to get one too many things done on our to-do list the day before our trip. Right? Suddenly, we realize we should go through the entire stack of mail on the counter, file all those folders that have been on your desk, clean out all your phone’s photos, organize the spice rack in the kitchen, delete old emails, download some movies and for good measure, let’s start cleaning out the attic since you’re already there searching for your suitcase.

This whirl of activity creates frenetic energy and can propel that out into the ethers if you’re not clear about what this trip holds for you. What do you hope to enjoy on this trip? Do you want to learn anything? Maybe meet someone in particular? The most important tool you put out into the ether is your intention. You need to clear the air, make way for your intentions and ground those intentions so that they can take root. Once you’ve set the energy right, everything else can follow.

In this video I’ll show you how to Feng Shui your travel, what products to use and how to clearly manifest a great trip using Feng Shui tools. By doing it in this way you cultivate your Chi and the Chi around you, which ensures a great trip!

Be sure to also check out my podcast on the same topic. I go into much greater detail about ceremonies, including my favorite one using red cloth.

Travel doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. Simply set the Chi right, get clear about where you want it to go and what you want it to do and it’s a sure bet you’ll have the best trip ever! Ciao!

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