In today’s interview I sit down with one of my client’s, Bethany who shares with you how Feng Shui completely changed her business. When we first started working together she wasn’t sure about this Feng Shui stuff, but she certainly wasn’t opposed to it either. When I read her floor plan I could immediately see what may be hindering the growth of her business, that she and her husband run out of their home. She was a little leery but willing to try! After a few tweaks her motto is, why not try it?

She and her husband have had great results and can’t believe how simple it was to turn things around. I love asking my clients to chat with me about their experiences. Too often you hear from me the results but are they really true? Are my clients really getting the results that I claim they are getting? Because I feel that testimonials can be quite one-sided, I asked Bethany to sit down with me and share her story and experiences.

She’ll share her side of what Feng Shui is and was to her, how it’s helped her relationship and business, and how easy it really can be to turn things around. Join me and Bethany as we talk shop about Feng Shui and what it can do for you too!