Every designer at one point or another has had a drapery nightmare, and although they may be able to laugh about it now, the level of frustration it caused can still be remembered; especially if you had to dip into your own pocket to finish the project. So with the lessons learned, and a story to tell, most designers have a love-hate relationship with draperies.
Drapery by Amanda Gates
Until recently, most ready-made draperies available on the market were simply unacceptable for most medium to high end homes. With minimal stitching, low deniers, and commonly used textiles they were hardly a designers dream. So if custom just isn’t an option and you don’t want chintzy drapes from the big box store, what can you do?
 Buy quality ready-mades.
Drapery by Amanda Burdge
One of my favorite sources for semi-custom, (A.K.A Drapery out-of-a-box) is The Silk Trading Company, in Los Angeles. Internationally known and recognized, The Silk Trading Company has become one of the top fabric manufacturers in the business, providing consumers and designers with fine silks, linens, wools and cotton textiles. In my opinion, The Silk Trading Company’s semi-custom line is a driving force for designers and homeowners who crave quality product and style, at an incredible price.
Martha Stewart
Need something more custom than the drapery out-of-a-box? Not a problem. The Silk Trading Company has a custom drapery workroom, and hundreds of fabrics by the yard, for which they are known for to make any thing you need or want.
Martha Stewart
Along with their fabulous drapery programs they also have bedding, pillows and drapery hardware to choose from! I have worked with them personally for many years, and have them in my own home. They truly are the closest thing to custom, and the silks are to die for.
And on a side note, they are having a huge SALE on several of their ready-made draperies, and signature textiles, click here to see more.
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