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Update: This post is from 2010 (yes, I’ve been in the world of blogging a long time!) so many of the suggested items are no longer available. However, many of the core items can be found in similar looks, colors and frames. So get creative, and use my expertise to your advantage to get a killer look, all for free!
Ok so let’s be straight here. Design is no longer like it was in 2007. The economy has tanked, and consumers are no longer in “consumption, high-gear”. This poses a bit of a challenge to my industry of all things fabulous and fantastic while donning a cute bag and stilettos creating design magic; but a challenge is always welcomed in my corner. As my budgets deplete, and my clients watch every dollar spent, I am forced to become a whole new designer;… (insert cyclone wind tunnel, notable red cape, snazzy fedora hat,  flattering leotard with a big “D” expertly embroidered on my chest, and dare I say tights?) One of my favorite quotes as a testiment to this new mentality is from Brian Flynn Patrick of Decor Demon:

“Lately I’ve been street hustling with hardcore garbage. It’s not my fault, I’m blaming the economy. Nowadays doing the design showroom mambo with deep-pocketed, Prada-clad clients is more fantasy than nine-to-five routine. To make a buck as a decorator in 2010, you’ve gotta strap on the knee pads, prepare to suck it [up] and hope that everyone else is putting out. The trash, that is.”

So in this NEW day and age of the F word being thrown around like a cheap pair of bongo wedges from Mervyn’s, clients are demanding high style, for the price of food stamps, and a WIC block of government cheese. Barbie herself would shutter in her footsteps if forced to drink boxed wine, and shop at Target. Can you even imagine Barbie on a budget? Gasp!
In my opinion, and yes it is the GOLD standard, tested and approved opinion, design changes peoples lives. When a client sees their room or house transformed, magic by design occurs. A well appointed home does not have to cost a lot, but it is amazing to see how much it can uplift and change the inhabitants that live there. You function better, entertain more and live to a higher standard. Don’t beleive me? Spend one weekend de cluttering and painting one room in your house. As an added bonus, put out a vase of fresh flowers. I guarantee you will feel different.
So in an effort to show you that design is possible and doesn’t have to be expensive I designed the following room, top to bottom for three times less than an average room cost. Enjoy!
  How to design a room on a budget. |
Design by Gates Interior Design
Shopping List:
$18 –


$1,499 –


$899 –


$199 –


$919 –


$175 –


Locally screen printed


$200 –


Originals from
Screen printed locally


$449 –

Design provided by Gates Interior Design through polyvore

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