As with any fall, this is our busy season. I work non-stop, seven days a week frantically trying to get everything done until December. Happens. every. year. And every year I wonder how on earth I will get through it all. Ironically enough, January is our slow season and every year I wonder how on earth I will get through it. I swear I can be such a designer sometimes! The good news is somehow, some way, it all comes together and we get through to the New Year, which we kick off with big plans, stars in our eyes, and tons of yummy left overs. But until then, here are some great tips on holiday mantels that are easy to assemble and easy to tear down when all the adoration of the holidays and eggnog has worn off.

Using items you have:

1) Take ornaments that you already have and string them through some decorative ribbon and hang on your mantel. Take existing hurricanes and fill them with decorative ornaments, acorns, nuts, or candy canes and use them to hold the ornament garland. For added glow, throw in some beautiful votives that will cast a magical glow when lit in the evenings.

2) Purchase a few styrofoam balls in different shapes and sizes from a craft store. Paint some toothpicks in magical holiday colors and create easy to make snowballs. These can be placed on a mantel with garland and candles or can also be placed on a candlestick.

3) Ever wonder what to do with all that left over wrapping paper from holidays past? Wrap existing artwork in your home for some added punch and festivity. Easy to do, and placed on a mantel creates a superb display when mixed with ornaments and your handmade ornament garland.

4) Probably one of my favorite mantel ideas is framed photos. Go through all your boxes of photos and pull out all your favorite holiday memories. Grab frames from around the house and fill them up with funny stories, and loved ones. Take foliage from around the yard and place the photos on your mantel for a sweet and charming walk down memory lane that will keep everyone talking, and laughing!

Super easy and can be done in a snap. And in my experience these mantel ideas are always more impressive and well-received at parties with friends and family than those with expensive over the top adornments. Remember to keep it short, sweet, and simple!

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