Every home has a point of entry to welcome its guests. Some are small and require creative ways for big impact and others vast demanding key pieces to cement style and grace. No matter which you possess both require five key ingredients to command order for good reception.

AB HOME Interiors entrance

1)   Color- Every home should have flow and your entry sets the stage for what’s to come. Wow your guests with an enticing backdrop that shows you and your personality off. Are you calm and elegant or bold and eclectic? What ever your style it all starts with color!

2)    Art- I’m a huge advocate for art. It is what I consider to be the “wild card”. It can be abstract, traditional or somewhere in between. Choose pieces that you love and create conversation. If ever you invest in art this is one place that calls for quality.

3)    Console-If you have an entry that is plentiful in space, always include a console or side table. It is a great place to dress up your entry with my next suggestion: lighting. It is also a great place to set keys or mail should you need it along with other favorable decorative items.

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