Formal dining

Todays family’s are so busy that it is more common to grab a quick meal in the kitchen, rather than the traditional meal at the fancy dining table.  Sit down dinners with family are important, but having a wonderful gathering area in the kitchen makes it easy and casual. I also love that kitchens are no longer closed off from the world, and are generally apart of large great rooms. Once considered a utilitarian eye sore, kitchens today are beautiful works of art, that people like to show off! Here are some of my favorite kitchens, with awesome gathering areas for friends and family.

1) The kitchen Island

The kitchen island

The island is the workhorse of every kitchen. It doubles as a prep area and dining space. Creates great counter surface, symmetry, and allows the cook to work and join in the conversation.

2) The farm table

The farm table

It’s no surprise that every farm in America had a table plopped into the middle of it. They are highly functional and worked over time feeding the family, and making bread. Today’s interpretation of the farm table is no exception. I would take eating at a table in the kitchen like this, any day!

3) The peninsula

The peninsula

Equally as hard working as the island, the peninsula is for the kitchen who just doesn’t have a lot of space. Despite the shortcomings in space, a peninsula is a great gathering spot for quick meals with family. Typically considered more casual than a gathering table, or island dining, it is ideal for meals on the go, and kitchen prep work.

4) The banquette

The kitchen banquette

The most formal of the group, the banquette is super stylish, fits great in small spaces, and can easily accommodate unexpected guests. What I also like about a banquette is it’s versatility. It can be a great place for coffee on a Sunday morning, or a place to cozy up with your spouse in the evening for a sip of wine, and a good meal.

If you could have any of the above kitchen styles which one would you choose?

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