Hallways, like ceilings often loose the design lottery. Too often they get ignored as just a place to get from point A to point B. But hallways often have some of the best architecture and detail than any other space in the home, so why not play them up and have fun with them?

Hallways are a great way to show off your personality, and have a little fun. So slow that traffic waaaay down, and enjoy the scenery. And I should add, hallways are also a great way to get away with a lot more, so be bold!

knockout hallway

Here are some of my top designer tips to add wow factor to your hallway in less than a day.

How to create a knockout hallway

1)Paint the ceiling

Next to the lonely, utilitarian hallway, is its’ cousin the ceiling. But with a little imagination and a whole lot of creativity, your ceiling can become a blank canvas of our fun. So do the unexpected and paint it a fun color to draw your guests eye up and say wow!

painted ceilings


2) Add unexpected furniture and furnishings

Whether your space is big or small, never underestimate the power of a cool piece of furniture, combined with great accessories. And again, this is a great opportunity to think outside the box, so the more unusual, the better!


These lamps below are 50″ tall! Pow!


Or how about some cool auditorium seating to invite guests to sit down and stay awhile!?


3) Add original art

If you have read this blog for any length of time you know my love affair with art. I just love it. And original art does not need to be expensive.

Commission a local artist to make some beautiful pieces for you and then take a trip to a local thrift store and you’ll be amazed at some of the cool frames you’ll find. Mix it up, have fun with it and add some much needed color and personality to your space.


4) Add interesting vintage rugs and moldings

Never underestimate molding. Hire a local trim carpenter and deck out your walls with some wood gingerbread. Blank walls can be boring, but add some fresh molding with a good coat of paint and it adds instant drama.


5) Paint

Like the ceilings, paint can quickly change the look of a space. I painted our last office with some old paint I had laying around and it instantly made the space more interesting. And it only took an afternoon to do!



6) Add utility art

If you are short on storage don’t miss out on unique ways to double up on style and function. Here guitars have been added to hallway niches to get the homeowners guitar collection up off the floor and out of the way – while also doubling as cool, unique art.

hallway art

By adding fun paint, vintage rugs, interesting furniture and detail to your hallway, you can instantly transform it from a hum drum space to a knockout space. So what are you waiting for?


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