I have been on a bit of a hiatus here on the blog because I have been in the process of moving. My team and I have been knee deep in boxes for the last three weeks and trying to stay as organized as possible. Luckily, the final moving company comes today to bring the last of our office furniture from storage. As I get set up in our new location I am frantically going through the whole space and cleaning up before everything gets here, including the windows.

Double hung windows

The whole space has these double hung windows. One feature that makes cleaning these windows super simple is the pop out cleaning feature. When you unlock the window, pull it up about an inch and then look for two small locks at the top ( The tilt latch buttons)  Pull them inward and pull the window towards you:

Window diagram

This is a great feature to help you easily clean the windows in a snap! Place the windows on your waist, spritz the window with cleaner and voila, sparkly clean windows!

Easy homemade window cleaner:

1/2 C vinegar

1C filtered water

10 drops Lemon essential oil

shake it up and use