Given the vast variety of lighting fixtures available on the market today finding the right one can seem difficult, and overwhelming. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an exisiting one there are three things you should always keep into consideration when shopping for a lighting fixture.

1) Fixture type

Depending on the application and needs of  your space you could require a surface mount, a semi-flush mount, chandelier, track, recessed or cove lighting. Sometimes it may call for three or more. Determine how much light you need for the activity of that space, because the primary consideration when choosing lighting is the beam pattern and how that fixture distributes light for your needs.

2) Size Matters

Fixtures will often seem smaller in the store because the showrooms are quite large. Always take measurements to make sure the size and scale will work with the space you are working on. Scale is incredibly important when choosing light and this is an area that most people error on the small side making the room look off. Many manufacturers offer fixtures in a couple of sizes so ask your designer or sales associate about the options that are available that can work for you.

3) Cost

Lighting can get expensive, but remember how important it really is and remember to consider it’s energy consumption. The initial cost may seem pricey but the electric bills will prove otherwise. Choose lighting that works well for your space, is energy efficient and is low maintenance.

What are some of your struggles with lighting?

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