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I first learned of the frog in 2009, and I wrote this post about it. So what is a Frog you ask?Project FROG is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2006, that provides technologically advanced component buildings that offer:

  • High tech design that meets low tech assembly
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Energy-efficientcy
  • Can be used for healthcare, education, or flex space

As president Adam Tibbswith states, the goal is “defining something that is not traditional construction, we’re trying to bring the construction industry into the 21st century.”

How to be a 21st century building leader

Typical construction for the most part has remained the same for centuries. While many of the products we use have improved, the process of delivering and building has remained the same for over 100 years. And this process causes a lot of harm to Mama Earth, wastes fossil fuels and fails to lower our carbon footprint.

Want your kids to have a place to grow up? Project Frog is changing the way we do construction, lessening our carbon footprint in 6 years or less! |

Project Frog is changing that. Not only are the components state of the art, but the results bring brighter, healthier spaces that are more energy efficient, environmentally responsible and faster to build – making them cost competitive. And by systematizing the process, Project Frog has introduced a level of precision never before achievable in construction

What does it mean to be a 21st century construction company? Most importantly, it means maximizing technological capabilities from the design phase all the way through the occupancy and operations of the building. Project FROG designs and manufactures buildings for commercial and educational use that are healthier, more sustainable, more affordable, and quicker to deploy than traditional building systems for corporate campuses or schools.

In addition to being a better construction company, Project Frog’s lifecycle assessment has shown that for a 50 year building lifetime, a net zero Frog causes

  • 87% less fossil fuel use
  • 85% less climate change
  • 82% less air pollution
  • 73% less water pollution

And if that weren’t enough to knock your socks off, if an existing building were to be torn down and replaced by a Frog, the Frog would achieve carbon payback in just 6 and half short years.

Not building a healthcare facility, or a new school? No problem. Achieving sustainability with your new home build is easier than ever. Check out this article here about Mini Homes.



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