For over twenty years I’ve been a Feng Shui Practitioner. In the last decade I’ve been working under a Grandmaster solidifying me as an advanced practitioner in energy and Feng Shui. Interestingly enough, when it comes to my number one request, it always comes down to love! I’m not surprised. Think about it.  We come from a place that’s pure unconditional love and love is one of the highest frequencies on the scale of consciousness just below enlightenment – which let’s be honest – I’d argue is the same thing as love! But the cool thing is, you don’t need me to attract the good stuff. You just need the right tools to understand how to do it.

Last year I read 250+ floor plans. Of those, over half had issues in their plan disrupting communication, intimacy, romance and overall connection. So it’s no surprise that many people feel a lack of love in their life. Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for the holy grail of a relationship, if your environment doesn’t support that goal, you’ll never find it! Why? Because your environment has to match your desire. And like you, your environment is attracting your experience. Your experience isn’t all too great and so together the same circumstance keeps showing up! Gah! This is so frustrating, right?

So what the heck do you do?

First, what comes to mind when you hear the word love? Better yet, what’s your definition of love? Professor Lin said that love means to use your heart, and if you say that you love but there is no heart your statement is inauthentic or fake. Ouch! But it’s true!

Think about that. If you say that you love but there is no heart your statement is inauthentic or fake. If you do everything with heart, bottom line, you’ve got the good stuff!  If you have love you have a full heart. BOOM!  You must give with your heart, and give wholeheartedly; and that means giving (without judgement, guilt, preconceived notions or expectations.) That is true unconditional love.

So how can Feng Shui help you attract real love?

  1. You have to understand Chi. Professor always said “follow the Chi” This is not only the Chi in your environment but it’s imperative to understand the Chi within and around you. You’ve heard me talk about Above and Below the Cross™ emotions on this blog, my podcast and on my YouTube channel a gazillion times. If you have below the cross language, actions and environment you cannot attract real love because you don’t have real heart. Why? Because your intentions are fake – they’re conditional.
  2. Pay attention to your design details – this is a lot more than just moving furniture or alleviating clutter. What details are lurking within your space preventing you from attracting real love?
  3. Energy aligned design – this is my proprietary system that combines interior design and energy that helps you attack energy in a powerful way and manipulate it so you can attract the love you’ve always dreamed.

So how the hell do I do this?

  • You have to establish the disruptors
  • Set clear intentions
  • Cultivate your Chi

To achieve balance – all three are important because this is what puts you in Above the Cross™ emotions and environment and only there can you attract real love – that’s unconditional.

Ok. I can hear you saying: Ummm this helps me attract love how Amanda? Remember, most people are not operating from the heart of unconditional love. They are operating from a place of fear, judgement, control, guilt, preconceived notions or expectations.

This isn’t balanced healthy Chi. Cultivate your Chi daily and pay attention to the details going on within your home:

  1. Start by caring for your home, particularly the front door. What’s going on at your front door? Your front door represents your voice. If it isn’t working properly, neither is your ability to speak up. This disrupts an existing relationship and someone looking for love may never find it ! Clean up your front door. Make sure the door is working properly.
  2. Put your bed in command. This is where your spirit goes to rejuvenate and recharge. If you can’t see the door this can cause insomnia and anxiety!
  3. Look to the overall shape of your house. Is the back right of your home missing? If so, this means your partnership is weakened or you cannot attract the love of your life. ACK! Partners can become apathetic, indifferent, lack intimacy and if you’re looking for love your partner may never show up! And it’s such an easy fix! All you have to do is use a mirror to reclaim the energy. Tell that energy where to go with your intention and reclaim your love life!

Bottom line, get clear on what love means to you. Make it a point to cultivate your Chi daily. If you’re not swimming in Above the Cross™ emotions most of the time, trust me, you ain’t gettin the energy right.

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