While color is the predominant hiccup for most of my clients, Style is definitely number two. Where do you find it? How do you get it? And is it something you buy off a shelf, or innately own?

Well it can be both but it is typically something you innately own. In order to get style you have to know what you like, and that doesn’t include the entire store. Most of my clients that I work with struggle with editing, because they like everything. Don’t worry your not alone, I like everything too, but I am an expert at editing in order to get the desired look.

Before you start putting down your hard earned dollars you first need to know what that style is, and how to edit it for the desired look you want. Take stock of what you already own. What do love, and what are so-so pieces that you don’t want defining that space? Next is color, which one is predominant in your space? Do you like it, or was it the color you picked out ten years ago before you were married and had kids? It’s important to remember that we evolve as we get older and our style and tastes change. Edit accordingly and allow your space to evolve with you.


My tips to get the best style for your home:

1) Never buy suites of furniture that match. Allow your collection to grow and mix it up.

2) Mix colors to keep the style interesting and aeclectic

3) Buy the best you can afford. Quality is the study and appreciation of Style, Quantity is a vapid attempt at unattractive kitsch, (that makes it look like you’ve tried too hard!) so know the difference before you buy.

What is your style?


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Image: Stylebyemilyhenderson.com

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