Do you ever feel like colors give you therapy? Or that certain colors effect you differently? This site, is the ultimate tool in communicating a feeling or mood with color!
This site attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, which can help designers communicate better with clients, to help achieve certain emotional effects. Since colors are believed to have specific meanings, this will help us create environments unique to our clients, and help develop moods and emotion desirable to the client’s needs.

It is really fun to see what they have associated with each word, and they (Suffolk Software) are tracking all the color associations over time to help designers produce intended effects on the inhabitants, and help bring the gap together between designer/client communication.

For example, what color do you think of when you here the word:


1) Moment

Number one answer ~ Soft green

2) Happy

Number one answer ~ Pink

3) Bliss

Number one answer ~ Yellow

4) Profit

Number one answer ~ Green

5) Pure

Number one answer ~ White

6) Passion

Number one answer ~ Red

7) Corporate

Number one answer ~ Grey
8) Launch

Number one answer ~ Orange

With a tool like this, clients can effectively use a word to describe what it is they want, and the designer will understand their language. What colors do you associate with the words:

warm, safe, clean, plenty?

Isn’t this fun?!
For more info visit their website

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