I know what you’re thinking…for most, food is the last thing you want to be thinking about as you are still recovering from yesterday’s Thanksgiving food coma. The day after Thanksgiving has recognizably become the day that most folks hop in the car, run to the crowded mall and hope to find inspiration in some random widget that everyone has.

This is shopping in haste. Buying what everyone else already has isn’t giving with intention. That’s shopping on autopilot hoping to get it off your to-do list. Instead, consider giving to those you love in a way that adds meaning and purpose to you and them.

Here’s an idea! How about gifting homemade baked goods this Holiday season? How can you go wrong!

Each city has it’s own mom and pop shops that continue to put great, local flavor on the map.  If you don’t know where yours are, I suggest that you start your research and get your feet on some pavement to find your town’s best gems.

Lucky for you, I’ve spent some time researching some pretty sweet suggestions served right from the south to make you the ultimate gift giver with exceptional taste. Find a few of my top picks listed below.

To get the complete list, be sure to sign up for my 7 Day Challenge Give with Intention this Holiday Season. If you’re ready to give in more meaningful ways you’re going to love the incredible lists that I have curated. In this challenge, I will reveal my favorite local, southern spots to help complete all of your Holiday shopping in a unique and intentional way!

1.Cocoa Atlanta 


Nothing says Holiday season like some hot cocoa. Share some local cheer with some deliciously crafted cocoa from Cacao Atlanta.
Uncompromising in high standards of excellence, Cacao Atlanta partners with scientists and local growers to achieve extraordinary quality in ingredients and upholds hand production methods throughout the entire process of chocolate creation. Talk about some chocolate excellence!

2. Oakley’s Southern Delight


A southern Nashville legacy since 1958, Oakley’s Southern Delight has some picklelicious sweet & spicy snacks with their signature ‘snap’ in every bite.  If you’re looking for something classically unique, this is the choice for you.

3. Sober Dough Brew Bread


Sure you can cook with wine but how about mixing it up with beer this Holiday? Sober Dough Brew has such a cool story with some great flavors that you can pair nicely with your brew of choice. Make this a hit at Holiday parties or gift this to your beer enthusiast friends or the ones that love to cook and try something new!

4. Nola Granola Snack Co. 


A tasty snack that uses 100% all natural ingredients? Yes, please! Nola Granola Snack Co. makes the perfect present for your snack conscious friends that provides the upmost quality a snack could offer.

5. Wise Butter 


A butter that delivers a spiritual experience, just add toast!  The flavors sold at Wise Butter change with the seasons and meticulously highlight local produce and other regional specialties. Their spectrum of flavors will offer both something familiar and unexpected for all of your gift giving needs.

Like what you see here? Just wait…

I will be revealing everything from my favorite baked goods, handmade goods, best gifts for him and her and more for the entire month of December with my 7 day Give With Intention Challenge. This challenge asks you to think before you give. Before you decide to join the crowds at shopping malls, consider this list first! Shopping local is a small gesture that can make a big impact on your community. Support local this Holiday season!

Share the Holiday cheer! Pass this along to a friend that you think may enjoy some Holiday shopping tips!

Let’s Get Gifty!