Home staging is big business these days. With so many homes in the inventory system a lackluster home filled with dirty floors, strung up laundry and trashed carpet no longer fits the bill…if of course you want to sell your home it doesn’t. Home staging is necessary if you want to show your homes best side. However, in a twist of irony many homeowners are the first to see all the evils in a new home purchase but often the last to fix things in their existing homes. When we live in our homes we get used to our environments. We get accustomed to that weird crook in the floor, the chipped tub, and the screen door that doesn’t shut right. But that potential home buyer sees it immediately. I have walked through so many homes over the years that fail to show their best side, and when the housing market is slumped, and inventory high, now is not the time to be lazy if you are trying to sell your house.

This week I reunited with a client that I worked with a couple years ago to help her stage her house. My biggest challenge? Her master bathroom. I helped her remodel the entire house before she moved in four years ago. But as the budget got squeezed and time ran out, the master bath was “that” project that we just never got to. Now her and her husband need to move ASAP and there is no time to remodel the bathroom.

Current bathroom

The bathroom has been given some minor updates, but the counters are still VERY pink. Combine that with cabinets that have a red undertone, oil rubbed bronze fixtures and green and gold tile and it is one hot color mess. While this is truly one of the biggest design challenges I have been faced with I plan on working with the pink and brown the best I can and accenting with green. Not a typical color combination but my goal is to show this space as best I can to help my client sell this house.

Pink tub

The good news is the tile is beautiful. It is a very high-end 18” porcelain and will be an incredible starting point for the new homeowners….as for the rest of it….well it just needs to go. All the cultured pink marble is original to the house and was installed in 1992. When the house was built everything from the cabinets to the counters were selected in pink. Smashing at the time probably not, but the 79 year old widow who built the house thought so. I will spend the next two days to see what magic I can throw together to revamp and style this home. Stay tuned to see how I transform this space and stretch my expertise to the limits!


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