Over the years we have created many beautiful tablescapes. Table tops are a great way of showcasing your holiday spirit. With so many  possibilities and limitless ideas, anyone can use their own table to create a masterpiece of holiday joy. This time of year we receive numerous emails from curious design enthusiasts on what creates a beautiful table. And what can be used to create a beautiful table? The options are limitless!  Here are some tips we live by for Holiday Tablescaping:

Holiday Tables

1) There are no rules!

Often times, people think they have to adhere to certain rules when decorating. Rather than sticking to restraints, have fun with it!

2) If it speaks to you use it!

If you have something that is near and dear, makes you laugh or is something special, with out a doubt, use it!

3) Decide on a theme. Whether you are having a simple get together or an elaborate dinner party, pick a color, an object, a pattern or material and use it through out your table.

Your theme can be the holiday, a color, or an object. I’ve used a holiday and family photos as a theme.

4) Have fun with it. (Remember number 1)

Use what you have, mix it up and make it special!

5) Dont be afraid to mix the expensive with the inexpensive. The photo above is a great example. I’ve mixed heirloom china, with inexpensive linens, and chargers from Pier One. Use what you have, incorporate the outdoors, have fun with it, and make it your own!

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