We’re in the dog days of summer and that means the sun is in full force. Not to mention days are longer so that leaves more time to be exposed to the sun. We can’t stress enough how important it is to protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun. People don’t preach sun protection for the heck of it. They do it because it’s critical to do so to protect yourself from skin cancer to eye diseases.

You know around here we are all about the all-natural and crunchy ways of life. There’s been an all-natural movement underway for quite some time now and for good reason! Somewhere along the line in the past it somehow became standard that if it’s all-natural then it must not work. That just simply isn’t the case. Not at all. All-natural does work and that’s why this lifestyle is growing legs and getting stronger every day. Here are some healthy ways to protect yourself from the sun.

If you’ve followed us for any of amount of time you know we are all about the natural sunscreen. We hate chemicals and run the other direction whenever possible. That’s why when we find a natural sunscreen that works in the strongest of UV rays we scream it from the rooftops. Check out these great sunscreens we’ve loved for years now by clicking here!

Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? You darn well better! Not only are they amazing for our systems…. and the scale… but as it turns out by eating certain fruits and veggies you can actually raise the beta-carotene levels. This means it actually helps reduce the risk of sunburn from the inside out. Don’t believe us? Read about it here!

Other healthy ways to protect yourself from the sun involve clothing and accessories. Yes, even fashion can be fun and functional! While we know the sun usually means high temps wearing clothes that covers lots of skin such as pants and long sleeves is perfect for preventing sun exposure. Hats that provide shade over your face (such as a ball cap) and/or neck (like a big floppy hat) are ideal for days spent outdoors either running errands or all day fun days. Spending plenty of time in the shade (hello, nice breeze) as well as away from reflective surfaces are a great way to protect yourself from the damaging rays.


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