Each remodel that I do requires different things. Each bathroom that I do requires different things. However, each remodel I do also brings to my attention all the awesome products that are available on the market. Now I may know how to add timeless style to your bathroom, but trying to keep up with all the new things is nearly impossible. When I first opened my company in late 2004, I made it a mission to review, read and conquer every trade magazine on the new stand. I was determined to know about all the great products coming out. Little did I know, companies often launched new products several times a year. By the time I was getting familiar and knowledgeable on one item, that company would come out with something bigger, better and faster. Kinda like cellphones or TVs. An uphill battle that couldn’t be tamed. The good news is, if your remodeling simply to update, there are always simple things you can do instantly. But for the rest of you who want to be on the cutting edge, I have included a few of the coolest options in bathroom products.

1) LED Ribbon

LED ribbon

Pliable ribbon with LED lighting, these puppies are awesome. With a peel and stick adhesive backing and the capability to run 30′ from one power supply, this will save many homeowners from improper lighting in their kitchens and bathrooms. The best part? You’ve heard me many times sing the praises of LED, energy efficient lighting. It’s green, safe for the environment, doesn’t get hot, and runs for 50,000 hours! Totally awesome!

2) Killer hardware

Cabinet hardware

Casablanca hardware

Love hardware? Me too!! It completely makes a piece of furniture pop! And the wall hook ain’t so bad either! By richelieu hardware, their Casablanca collection is just one of many that really makes a statement, and gets you out of the Home Depot rut!

3) Contemporary warmth

Towel warmer

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’ when it comes to bath towel warmers? Well this fixture by Artos, gives you the ultimate in style, while warming and drying your towels. How cool is that?!

4) Stylish grabs

Grab bars

Grab bars

Great grabz

Typically, grab bars are stainless steel blobs on the wall that scream hospice! Great grabz offers an array of stylish, decorative grab bars, that incorporate beautifully with your existing decor, or new build bathroom. Having used grab bars many times in my bathroom remodels, this is a designers best friend. Function, meet decorative!

What are some new things that you’ve seen and love?

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