Holistic health practitioner, apothecary, herb nerd and astrologer, this months podcast will certainly not disappoint! Angel Quintana, Editor in Chief of Holistic Fashionista, a premier magazine that educates on all things natural and good, is the brain child of Angel who dreamed up a world where fashion, food, and health collide. And among many other things she is a really cool chick. Whether you’re wanting to dip your toe or dive in head first, this gal will teach you how to play with essential oils, eat organically, give back and help you build a kick ass empire of your own without breaking a sweat.

"How to harness a healthy lifestyle"

Combine her knowledge of business acumen and you have her incredible educational program the Higher Calling School of Business, which is a twelve month program that teaches other entrepreneurs how to master their holistic brands, build clientele, develop products, overcome fear and aligning a business with greater purpose.

"How to harness a healthy lifestyle"

When you do what you love abundance will surround you and become potent in all areas of your life. It helps you attract the necessary momentum to attain your goals. showing you how to eliminate the trivial many and focus on the vital few.

Today Angel and I will talk about living a:

  • holistic life
  • herbalism
  • astrology
  • healthy living
  • building an empire
  • and more!


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