So when many of us hear the term cat litter, we don’t automatically think, I should totally DIY that sum bitch and save Mama Earth. Am I right? Well that just might change with this new invention.

Eco-freindly DIY Cat Litter |

Eco-Friendly DIY Cat litter

Start shredding the news….paper that is. Marc Smith, the eco-friendly kitty litter creator, was tired of lugging heavy bags, running to the pet store and dealing with dust, so he invented his own DIY cat litter, Kitsy.

Just add moisture absorbing paper like newspaper into the plastic device, some odor-absorbing baking soda, soap, and a little water and Kitsy takes care of the rest. It’ll shred and mix safe and effective litter just in time to fill the box.

DIY Cat litter from kitsy |

A kick-ass invention that lets you DIY your own cat litter. Cuz’ I’m sure you were sitting around wondering how to do it.  Currently being manufactured through Quirky, the device is still in beta mode, but head on over to the site to recommend a price and your thoughts about making your own litter.