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What is it about the word luxury that appeals to us? Does it personifies fulfillment and satiation in all things that satisfy us? Or is it the epitome of magnifigance? I recently started working with a branding company and they asked that very question: What does luxury mean to you? The more I thought about it the more I realized it really has very little to do with money; which is what most people associate with the word luxury. Back in September I wrote a post on this very subject. One of my favortie lines from that post, “Luxury is not about money, it is about the simple pleasures in life that influence your mood.”

As we approach this holiday season at warp speed, I cannot help but think of the tradition and methodical practice most of us go through to prepare for the holidays. Too often most of us forget about our guest rooms. Every year most of us have family and friends that pay us a visit and it is importent to envelop them in true Southern hospitality. Having a beautiful room to stay in would definitely influence my mood!

House Beautiful

Guest room essential checklist:

  • Give all guests large bath towels and include several hand towels and wash cloths
  • Provide guests with liquid bath gel and several bars of fresh soap
  • Make available a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
  • Have a small basket full of shampoo, conditioner and basic hair products
  • Give each guest a luxurious bath robe and as an extra bonus have them embroidered with their initials to take home as a gift
  • Include a hair dryer, an extra hair brush and a comb
  • Always have an attractive alarm clock that is easy to use
  • Put a luggage rack next to the bed or inside the closet
  • Supply a range of magazines, and a few books on the night table for reading
  • Furnish a bowl full of fruit on the dresser and give them a coffee maker with cups and several bottled waters on a tray. If they drink, add a bottle of wine
  • Store extra blankets and pillows in the closet or in a cabinet in case your guests need extras

Cabbages and Roses

The feeling of home:

Indulge your guests when they stay with you. Let them know that you are happy that they are staying with you, and make their visit memorable. Pamper your guests and accommodate them in every way possible. Staying in someones home is so much more enjoyable and cozy than staying at a Hotel but it can be uncomfortable if they feel they have to ask for things or are unsure of the location of needed items. Always give them as much supplies as possible, make it easy to find and show them that you thought of everything. This makes them feel special, and it also makes them feel like you have gone out of your way to make their stay pleasant.

House beautiful

Home away from home:

Staying with friends is more engaging than staying at a hotel. The accommodations, traveling around town, and plans are just easier. But the little extras are what make it better for your guests. For instance, when ever I stay with a friend I absolutely love the fact that I have access to a washer and dryer. I can clean my clothes before I go home AND I don’t need to travel with nearly as much because I know I will be taken care of. Simple pleasures like home cooked meals with friends, cozy quilts made by grandma, and fresh linens with lavender make guest rooms exceptional experiences. Guest Bathrooms with fragrant soaps, organic lotions, candles and personal adornments picked just for me are truly extravagant. A little space carved out with items individually chosen for my tastes is  indulgent and unforgettably luxurious!

Bathroom by AB HOME Interiors

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Thank-you to all who commented on our blog for the Mrs Bliss Holiday workshop series. Our Festive Tablescape post was our biggest post yet on the new blog! We put all the names into a bowl who left comments and the winner of the Hatley print linens is Shari from the little blue deer! Congrats Shari!!

B AB HOME Interiors photo shoot

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