Graduation and Mother’s Day

Simple and easy, make your favorite cupcakes and attach flags of encouragement, love, or party fun! Click here for some simple templates. Print, cut and add to tooth pick

Flower-Wrapped Favors How-To
1. Fill a 3 5/8-inch-high acetate cylinder with candy.
2. To make flower, cut a 9-by- 30-inch piece of tissue paper. Fold, style, in 5-inch-wide layers. Cut petals in smaller end; unfold and lay on flat surface.
3. Place cylinder on paper with bottom about 1 inch from uncut end, and roll; tape sides and bottom with double-sided tape. Tie ribbon above top of cylinder.
4. Gently peel petals down to open flower. If you use a shorter cylinder, reduce height of paper; for a multicolored blossom, wrap a second layer of paper around cylinder.


Wrapping it up
Bright stripes revive even your lamest wrap attempt much better than a sad pile of scissor-curled ribbon. Use fluorescent artist’s tape or plastic lacing (that stuff you braided into key chains during recess). Colors really sizzle when they’re contrasted against paper in a rich, muted shade, like brown or mustard, or a more organic texture, such as a marbled pattern (top right). Tiny cards with matching envelopes make nice gift tags, or you can multipurpose some mini Post-its for a neat post-modern touch,or go to
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