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I’ve been teaching Feng Shui for nearly a decade and one of the first things I address is the power of language. In the nineties Dr Massaru Emoto studied the power of positive versus negative words and the results were quite astounding. Water molecules could be transformed into beautiful snowflake shapes simply with loving words. On the flip side, negative words shattered the molecules into mutilated shapes that were unrecognizable.

The same was true for rice. Dr Emoto encouraged school children to talk lovingly to a container of cooked rice and speak negatively to another container of cooked rice. What were the results? After 30 days the cooked rice that was given loving thoughts and positive vibes hardly changed, but the cooked rice that was spoken poorly to and put down became moldy and rotten. And I should mention this is a terrific experiment for kids! Check out Love and Gratitude’s own experiment (And I did it too and I filmed it here!)

Love and gratitude

So consider this

  • How often do you put yourself down and talk negatively about yourself?
  • How many toxic relationships are you in that are not kind to you?
  • Do you surround yourself in negative environments?
  • Does your home’s Feng Shui bring you positive vibes?

Negativity feeds on your words and has an adverse reaction to your health and well-being. And if you aren’t convinced, just google Dr Emoto’s water experiment. Seeing those water molecules may have you thinking twice about the words you use and allow in your environment.

And just a friendly reminder, the human body is composed of roughly 60%+ water.

Stop feeding your demons and take it from Ghostbusters, your mood matters, so feed it with positivity!

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