Design Strategies 101 Decorating classes

Do you like decorating? Most of us love to revamp and update our homes and shopping for the perfect items can be a lot of fun! In fact, it’s one of the reasons I became a designer.But sometimes it can become challenging without having the the right tools. I know from my own experience, that when it came to redecorating my own home I couldn’t believe how hard it was to make a decision! And I know the importance of having a plan and I possess the right tools to make it happen.

In early 2007 a small but very productive design club was created. One client told her neighbor about my services, who then told another, who told another, and thus, our club was created. With little structure, but big design plans in mind, all of us would get together on Friday afternoons for a little design pow wow and discuss design. It was a great way for six lovely ladies to pick my professional brain over a glass of yummy Merlot, and we all achieved needed design solutions. Not to mention it also created one of the best design support groups in Nashville, and I got the added bonus of acting as their sponsor.

Well, word traveled fast about our little pow wow and before I knew it everyone wanted to be a part of it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get together, sip wine and discuss great design topics of the day? I know I did! Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough of me or time to go around. But I soon realized that the same topics, and concerns kept resurfacing. They were the topics I faced when redoing my home, and they were the same topics everyone else had. And thus, Design Strategies was born.

I built this course for you in mind. After the challenges I personally faced, and the challenges I kept seeing in our pow wow, I realized how difficult it must be for every busy mom or professional trying to find the joy in decorating, while running in circles of frustration! So if you want to learn how to tackle your design project on your own then Design Strategies is for you. Design Strategies gives you simple design solutions at an affordable price, and workshop’s that help you learn how to do it.

So there it is. The evolution of this course, and why we offer it. Had it not been for those six lovely ladies, their laughter and design dilemmas…some would say design emergencies, this course would never have seen the light of day. Because of them everyone can now learn the necessary tools it takes to decorate their homes and it actually has structure and a fancy PowerPoint to boot! Who knew it could be this fancy!?

D.I.Y. Decorating workshops

 Design Strategies 101 course is for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to tackle their home projects on their own.
Our mission is to provide you the necessary tools and expertise you need to complete the job successfully based on the four concerns that are really the reason we are in business!
Classes available:
1) Where to start and finding inspiration
2) Developing a strategy, budget and floor plan
3) Smart shopping and how to accessorize
4) Color for the home
Available DIY classes can be purchased in a half day or all day package. Our annual Lighting course will be offered next Spring! Sign-up now, limited seating available.

A) Design Comprehensive-An in depth, one day crash course focusing on the key points necessary to execute your next project like a pro. Includes a group work shops, experiments and an in-depth education on building a proper decorating tool kit for your next project. Course is typically an all day course with lunch, (5-6 hours), depending on number of students, and is held all day on Friday, or Friday and Saturday. Design Comprehensive $499. All materials, snacks and drinks included.

B) New! Design Comprehensive light-Taking highlights from the design comprehensive course to give you quick, easy tools to get started, all in a couple of hours! If you don’t have a lot of time but need decorating guidance for your home, then this course is for you. Afternoon course is typically 2-2.5 hours depending on number of students and focuses on the key decorating tips to help  you get focused for your next home project. Includes one group workshop. Decorating afternoon course, $199.

Lighting 101- Class focuses in great depth on the principles of good lighting, fundamentals of light and how it works in your home. Most importantly, how to make what you got, work! For more information on this special, once a year course, and when classes will be held, please contact us.

Classes will be held Fridays and Saturday’s

If you would like more information on our courses,  or would like to sign-up for a class please contact us @[email protected]. You can also contact us by phone @615-750-2763. If you are a Design graduate or Design Senior in our area, and would like to sign up for our Bootcamp workshops, please email us. All classes must meet minimum enrollment requirements.Once enrollment has been confirmed classes will be scheduled.
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