Urban Garden

Love this garden side yard by Coleman Coker. It it a great way to provide privacy, grow an edible garden and it is Eco friendly. The structure in the background actually catches water and feeds it to the plants! This is also a great way to garden vertically if you have little to no space in your backyard, or don’t have a backyard!

“The shift towards an emphasis on ecology, agriculture, and sustainability is also evident in City Center’s GREENbuild program, led by Coleman Coker of Building Studio and carried out by Tulane School of Architecture thesis students. The New Orleans City Park group designed and built an Eco-Pavilion showcasing ecologically-friendly design methods and technologies for GREENbuild; with features like a rain-catching roof that feeds indigenous plants and salvaged materials, the pavilion hopes to educate local residents on sustainable construction and gardening methods that can be adopted in their own rebuilding projects.” ~Subtilitas

Love the design, and how beautifully functional it is. Kinda does everything all wrapped up into one! Plus gardening is such a great hobby, and a great activity to get kids involved in. What do you think of this style of gardening?


Basics of lighting


Harley kit kat

Gardening sounds difficult….. I mean really folks, the best spots in the world are in the corner of a box in absolute darkness.

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