Effortless gardening

There is something so enchanting and magical about a garden. Fragrant aromas, rich hues of color, and an integral part of the things we eat. Gardens are therapeutic, harmonious, and essential. While I do not possess the inherent gene necessary to step foot in a garden nor was I blessed with a blue, red, or any color thumb, I do admire and acknowledge the importance of a garden; I also swoon over every flower imaginable to man!

Home grown gardens produce the most abundant and robust flavors that no grocery store can capture. And flowers grown in rich soil loved by their owners are hands down the most fragrant and beautiful creatures I have ever met. Despite not knowing much about this category, I have been stalking it’s grandeur as if it were witchcraft for years. I have a deep appreciation for it,  little understanding of how it occurs, but know full well that without good food, and beautiful flowers surrounding me my life would be incomplete.

My goal with garden and florals is to admire from afar, open the dialogue for beautiful things, and share all my treasures that fall into this category, even though I have the gardening skills of a kindergartner who lives in the middle of space ship!


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