Colorful bedroom

Design has taken a hard swing to the left in the last five years. What once was dark red, golden yellow and deep brown has now turned to flirty pink, soft griege and playful aqua. The mediterranean look swiftly took a leap to the back burner and 1950’s aqua and pink have become the new red and brown. To update your space in a flash you’ll need to buy a few new things.

Floral + Wallpaper

Wallpaper-Whether you do one wall or a whole bathroom, wallpaper is one of the coolest and fastest trending design items on the market. And not that cheesy vinyl stuff your grandma had, you know the stuff that took dynamite to remove and it smelled like plastic. I’m talking good stuff like Schumacher, or Graham and Brown. Truly the quickest way to add instant chic to your home.

Striped hostess chairs

Fully upholstered hostess chairs- With bold patterns and fun details over sized hostess chairs add great style and depth to any dining room, not to mention over-the-top comfort!

Patterned drapes

Drapery- The hottest trend now is to go bold, or as I like to say, GO BIG, OR GO HOME! Whether you go with big, bold, patterned drapes or a terrific bold color don’t ever skimp on dressing your windows. It’s the equivalent of wearing a Chanel dress and forgetting your shoes…it just looks off.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living-Bringing the indoors out has been a trend for quite some time, however, never have spaces been so colorfully designed and fun. Traditionally outdoor spaces were treated more formally. Todays patios and outdoor spaces have cleaner lines, better fabrics to choose from and much more color, so dive in and have some fun!

Which one is your favorite trend? I’m a designer I simply cannot choose!

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