I remember when I was in design school, my friends and I visited a very high end residential neighbor hood, that was known for it’s state of the art architecture. If you had asked me that following week what I thought of the buildings, you’d be lucky if I blurted out ‘good.’ But had you asked me about the entrances, I could have gone on and on about the doors! Nothing says welcome like a stylish front door.


It doesn’t matter if your style is traditional, contemporary or extreme.

Wood and iron door

Putting thought into your front door shows your guests that you thought of them. Think about it. Rarely does a home owner use their own front door. They usually use a side door, or garage to enter their homes. So the front door is designed, planned and thought out for those special visits amongst friends, family and neighbors; and the occasional UPS visit too. But giving your guests the feeling of warm invitation, and “come again” hospitality leaves an imprint on how they feel when they enter and exit your home. Not to mention the “did you see that door!”

Contemporary front door

Awesome (above)

Front door

Art deco Industrial (above)

Orange front door

Simple (above)

Black and white door

And finally, an entrance that would make even the most disheveled housewife look good! Beautiful and interesting sidelights, paired with a sleek black door, this entrance will leave your guests feeling chic and elegant. Perfect for a Summer get together, or holiday sit-down!

What is your most favorite thing about  an entrance?

Images: flickr, style-files, houzz, google, black and white, emily a clark