Most people don’t pay much attention to their front door. If they use it it’s likely not being cared for in an energetic way. If you’re not using it, you’re likely feeling stuck. The front door is an incredibly important area in our lives because in Feng Shui it represents your mouth of Chi. Imagine not using this vital life force area – it’s essentially like you trying to live with your mouth wired shut. Why? Because this area not only calls in new opportunities but keeps all areas of your life nourished and healthy. It would be pretty hard to fully nurture yourself if you didn’t have full access to it, right? That’s why it surprises me when I see the state of some people’s doors.

In interior design, the front door adds to your curb appeal. It’s the wow factor that greets your guests. Combine that with energy principles and you capture that delight and excitement they deposit as they approach your front door. That’s great Chi! On the flip side if your guests approached a door that was beat up, covered in cobwebs and leaves, and surrounded by dead plants, do you think they’d have the same delight? Probably not. In fact, they might deposit disappointment or even frustration on your door stop! Oh no!

So what can you do to capture the good stuff?

  • Make sure it’s clean
  • Get rid of all things dead
  • Make sure all lights are in good working condition
  • And most importantly, use it!

What’s important to remember is that the front door is the life force energy behind all the major areas in your life, therefore, it affects all areas of your life. So take a look around – what’s happening at your front door? If it’s not stellar energy I guarantee it’s showing up in your life. Here’s some great examples:

  1. Broken door bell – You’re unable to call in opportunity
  2. Burnt out bulbs – you may lack spark in your life and feel fatigued
  3. Cobwebs and leaves – your thinking may be off
  4. Door isn’t working well – things may feel stuck in your life

In many ways Feng Shui is very literal which can make it seem deliriously obvious that things would show up as they are. Unfortunately, as a culture we are heavy on the analytical side and can pass off anything with reason. But Feng Shui isn’t about proving logic right. It’s about understanding the subtle energy around us, honoring it and playing with its magic. And when you do, miracles will unfold in your life!

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