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These days it seems anxiety, stress, overwhelm and fear are the underlying themes in everyone’s lives. And just when you think you have everything under control, the next day brings something new. In the last two months one emotion has reined supreme: Grief. Many friends have unexpectedly lost spouses, close friends, family members and even children. I too have not not gone unscathed.

For me personally, I have never relied more on my Feng Shui teachings. To flip the scrip on grief I have turned to gratitude and forgiveness – the two strongest roots within Feng Shui Buddhism. I have mended ties with those that have seemingly hurt me in the past and come to rely on them as friends and support. More importantly, I have held an immense amount of gratitude for the experience all this has taught me and thanked the powers that be for all that I have learned. Albeit hard, none of this has been lost on me.

Due to all the grief and shock that has come from every corner, I have found it hard to stay consistent. I have lacked motivation and even enthusiasm and found that the easiest way to plow forward is to simply focus on what is in front of me. Meditation, silence, reading and yoga have been my mainstays and, honestly I cannot imagine this year without them. Each day my inbox is flooded from all of you experiencing much of the same. Grief, sadness, anxiety and fear. So many of you have lost your jobs, been furloughed or lost half your income. I know that many of you are also struggling. And while it may look a little different the emotions are the same.

In this episode I’m talking about the roller coaster of emotions that everyone is feeling, and as my friend Amy Wray and I drove 80 miles down the freeway, we did an entire show off the cuff about anxiety and money.

  • Can Feng Shui help?
  • How does anxiety derail your ability to manifest?
  • What exactly is anxiety and how do you manage it?

Whether you suffer from anxiety or not, this is a show you do not want to miss. Amy has suffered from anxiety her whole life, in combination with ADHD. To say that this year has been a trigger for her is an absolute understatement. And more than anything, it’s important to hear what anxiety looks like. To an outsider that does not suffer from anxiety, its personality can be deceiving. It can seem nonsensical, and downright over dramatic. A stigma that has made those that suffer from it feel guilt, shame and more anxiety.

So, what on earth do you do?

In today’s episode, Amy and I share:

  • Giving yourself permission to show up as your authentic self
  • How to stop seeking answers outside of yourself
  • Why turning off the propaganda matters
  • Tips on how to manage anxiety daily
  • Why cultivating your Chi has never been more important to finding your center
  • and much more!

Let’s change the narrative around anxiety.

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Chi is by far the most valuable tool you possess to change your life. Today learn how to work with your Chi to find your inner truth.

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Love, light and Shui


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