As a designer I am always hit with particular challenges when decorating a home. The ingredients are crucial to the perfect recipe and each home requires different measurements. Challenges that each home faces: collections! Collections are special and unique, and often very sentimental for the homeowner. I once had to design an entire room around army figurines that my clients husband had been collecting since he was a child! But collections are also something that make your recipe all your own.

One collection that every home has are family photos. They are special, and capture important memories to share with our guests and enjoy ourselves. As I perused the Internet this morning I found this awesome display from fresh paint on displaying a family tree.

Family tree

It not only creates beautiful art for their home but displays and honors their family history! Awesome!

What do you think of this family tree?


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So as you all know, the south has been having record breaking heat. So in an effort to cool Harley down and provide him some relief I had Serena the vet professional give him a little lions haircut. Surprisingly, he didn’t put up too much of an argument until we hit his nether region. That din’t go down as pleasant as I had hoped. But the good news is, he survived, despite him thinking he wouldn’t, and here he is in all his naked glory.

Harleys new haircut

I look ridiculous mom. And you call me a cat…..I swear the crap I have to put up with to be a designer cat.


Oh dear, don’t look, I’m naked!

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