Florals, is there anything more beautiful than a flower? You have heard me say it before, I love me some flowers. Dare I say as much as I love vodka? Maybe that’s why I am so attracted to dragon and passion fruit flavors. It’s the best of both my worlds. To me, flowers are one of God’s greatest creations. They are sweet, kind, charming, beautiful and captivating. Pretty much all the things I strive to be so I surround myself in them.

Floral arrangements often intimidate a lot of people. They enjoy them, but would never attempt them. The shear idea of making a floral arrangement sends most people into a downward spiral. The good news? They are just flowers folks, not liability insurance claims. And I have to admit,  they used to scare me too. But flowers are very forgiving, and so is floral design…..especially the approch I take! Heres how to get your floral arrangements in tip top shape.

1) Use florals that are simple

The easiest way to create a charming floral arrangement? Make one that it simple. I find that the simplest, easiest arrangements are the ones that create the biggest stir amongst my guests. Take this rose in a coke bottle. It is sweet and honors one of our favorite past times, drinking a coke. This is a perfect arrangement for a casual get together amongst friends, or an intimate dinner for two.

2) Small bouquets

Simple Floral Arrangements

Simple florals

Along with keeping things simple, keep things small. No need for big elaborate florals. While the eighties were a great time for many things, we have learned that BIG is not always the best. Big florals are so passe and yesterday. Small floral designs are pleasant and pleasing to the eyes. Especially if you use different types of flowers. Experiment, have fun and make your tabletop as delightful as the food!

3) Floral designs

Pave floral arrangement

Another misconception is that florals need to be fancy, have elaborate designs, and have exotic flowers with feathery crap hanging out of it. Not true. Some of the most dramatic, and stunning arrangements consist of one flower. Known as Pave arrangements, these floral arrangements typically use roses, but can consist of orchids, carnations, peonies, or even artichokes. ( No nibbling on the florals until the event is over!) For more tips on making a pave arrangement click here at Design Sponges’ top tips on making this simple centerpiece.

4) Aromatherapy

In general, I don’t follow rules very well. No I don’t choose to be a menace to society for the shear purpose of staking my claim on the universe. It’s more of an attitude of acquired taste, and realization that “I followed the rules for years and look where it got me?”  kinda thing. Not to mention that when I am 80 I am allowed to do and say what ever I want…so why not start now?

OK, so what the heck does this nonsense have to do with flowers, rules and aromatherapy? (Did I mention that I also have A.D.D tendency’s?)  The so-called experts say that flowers on the dinner table should not be aromatic. And to some degree I do agree with this statement, but not entirely. Rules are made to be broken. Flowers that are extremely aromatic, like Lilies, should be avoided on the dinner table. However roses, (which have been cross bred so many times have very little scent) are perfectly fine. So throw caution to the wind and wing it. If you like them and they compliment either your dinner or festivities and won’t be disruptive, go with your gut and do what you want to. Throw those bras in the fire!

5) Arranging your florals

Yes it is a center piece, but it isn’t the center of the universe. It should be treated more like Pluto, and regardless of what you think, it’s still a planet! Keep your arrangements low, so your guests can enjoy one another. (Unless it’s John Baener sitting across from you, then you may want as many distractions as possible) Floral arrangements should never interrupt someones conversation forcing them to bob and weave like Phoebe running in the park. They are there to add color, texture and beauty. An underestimated, but expected detail that shouldn’t require training for the olympics. Make it easy, keep it simple and you’ll have beautiful florals every time.

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images: Martha Stewart, google, design spongethe brides cafe

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