February is one of my favorite months because we are well into the New Year, and we are one month closer to the warmer days of spring. Hallelujah! Oh and let’s not forget it’s also my favorite month because it’s the month of love. Who doesn’t love the love? The Gates team loves the love. Not just intimate love but love for all living beings, love for humanity and especially love for our planet. (ahem, it’s why I wrote this book)

On my podcast and YouTube channel I talk a lot about societies’ disconnection from one another and how Professor Lin Yun predicted in the late nineties that technology would be our downfall. As more and more people become addicted to technology, under the illusion they are staying connected, they are simultaneously falling further into disconnection with one another, which leads to what Professor called, detrimental human isolation. In order for mankind to thrive we need connection. We are communal creatures. We need and want to be loved because it’s our innate nature.

the world cannot move forward toward harmony and well-being unless human beings act in unison to further what is good and true. Our power as individuals is multiplied only when we gather together as families, groups, and communities with common goals and truly connect.” I Ching

This month, if you seek love I want to give you some resources and tools to help you make that happen. Over the years I’ve taught a lot of classes and enjoyed a lot of interviews about this topic, and I want to share a few  with you today. Here are several resources to get you started:

I know so many friends who are desperate to find love and used these tools and got amazing results!

So many of us are closed down, shut off and cynical about the world around us. If your heart chakra has walls up you cannot receive, plain and simple. Learn how to surrender and lean into love so you can come to a familiar place and see it for the first time. Bravissimo!

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