How to find a local community garden

Community gardens were originally birthed from Victory Gardens, which were extremely popular during World War 1 and World War 2. Americans planted everything from vegetables, fruits and herbs to help the war effort and to create a larger food supply so the government could focus on military efforts. Not only were victory gardens popular for bearing food, but it was also a show of support and pride.

Although these efforts died after the war ended and the government decided to step in and ruin our food supply with delicious frankenfood, community gardens are once again on the rise! According to the American Community Garden Association there’s over fifteen thousand gardens nationwide. You can go here to find one in your area.

Since many of us are not farmers and have no clue how to even grow a tomato, community gardens are a great way to volunteer, build community with neighbors, get wholesome food and learn a thing or two about gardening. Some are organic while others are conventional but no matter what this is a practice that every city needs to partake in.

As we get sucked into more technology we are becoming more isolated from each other. We spend less time outdoors and with our neighbors. Join a community garden today, meet your fellow neighbors and learn how to grow a tomato! If the world suddenly stops churning tomorrow you’ll be thankful you did. Oh and one other thing, once you’ve eaten a home grown tomato, plucked fresh lettuce from the garden or had fresh basil, you’ll never find the stuff at the store appealing again!

How to find a local community garden

For more information on how to build a garden or get involved with an existing one hop on over to the American Community Garden Association.

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