Today I want to talk about your Career. It’s so interesting to me when I go into a potential clients home and I can assess whether their career is soaring or tanking based on the front center of their home. This may sound crazy for those of you just tuning in, but the career sector of the baqua map is front and center of your home. If you have piles of mail that needs to be gone through, maybe dirty laundry or a spare bedroom in dire need of organization, I can guarantee you have sluggish results in your career. In contrast, if this area is clean, organized and affirms your career, you are likely to have great results.

In Feng Shui the career section is in the front middle of your home and resonates primarily with dark colors like black. Whether this room is a bathroom, front entrance or a bedroom, it is imperative that it be cleaned and organized with career goals in mind.

Home office

The above photo is an example of my office, which happens to fall in my career center. I have painted the main wall black and used a black metal chandelier to light up the space. If you work from home it’s important that you keep this area organized and efficient. Keep affirmations that relate to your career close by and keep pictures of people who influence and inspire you. I also suggest keeping items of meaning close by. Things that uplift your spirit and remind you of a successful career are great reminders of what or who you want to be in the future!

What are some things you can add or remove to make your career section better?