When it comes to feng shui, no area is off limits, not even your fridge. In fact, my feng shui instructor taught that the things closest to you have the greatest impact on you, and the fridge was directly related to health and well-being. Why? Well seems obvious, but your fridge is integral to your health and nourishment. According to feng shui principles, a healthy person is one who has a healthy fridge. A healthy fridge is one filled with good clean food,  and positive life force. That’s what will portray a healthy life. As opposed to a fridge filled with junk food that can slow you down, and reflect an unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the fridge is often treated like the junk drawer and stuffed full of preservatives, chemicals, sugars, additives and leftovers starting to mold, with little thought of cleaning it out! A box filled with bad decisions!

So what can you do? Well, if you are like many of my clients with cluttered, disorganized refrigerators, it’s time for a feng shui fridge detox. Let’s do this!

feng shui fridge

Step 1 – Feng Shui Fridge Detox

  1. De clutter – remove all items from your fridge BEFORE you go to the store. Throw away all junk food and leftovers.
  2. Vacuum – I have yet to see a fridge that did not contain dirt and crumbs and dried up produce, sticky butters, jams and other unmentionables all throughout – especially drawers and corners. Use a vacuum to clean it out good!
  3. Deep Clean – Wipe your fridge down with vinegar to sterilize and clean holistically. Remove all shelves to do this, and use a combination of warm soapy water and vinegar to get unwanted dirt and ick out.
  4. Organize – Place shelves, drawers and door pockets back in the fridge in a way that helps organize your food zones. (will discuss zones in a minute)
  5. Repeat – Do a slight clean up once a week before each shopping trip. A deep clean can be done every quarter, and if done correctly, will create positive life force for you, your food and your well-being.

Step 2 – Why do this? A healthy fridge is one not only filled with good, wholesome food, but one that is stocked and cleaned often. Why should you go through all the trouble?

  • A cluttered fridge – If your fridge is cluttered and disheveled, your health will take a toll. Most people who have disorganized chaos in their fridge often have cluttered relationships with food.
  • Fridge exterior – Is your fridge exterior cluttered? Is it clean? Is it filled with inspiring notes of love? If not, change your fridge into your personal health alter. Make it inspiring, happy and charge your fridge with good chi, and good life force.
  • Fridge interior – Store food in pretty containers. This elevates your mood, helps things stay organized and gives your fridge and food great energy. When you care for your food it cares for you.
  • Be consistent – Color code your containers, and use shapes and sizes for specific foods. For example, green square containers for veggies, red round containers for meat. Honor your food, it’s fuel.
  • Zones- Place similar items together in zones. This helps you stay organized, helps to know where everything is located, and what you are well stocked on.  Dairy, meats, produce, drinks – have an area that they call home.

Step 3- The payoff

  • A healthy organized fridge saves you money.
  • Produces less waste.
  • Prevents you from buying more than you need.
  • Saves you time.

A healthy fridge makes you feel good inside and out and inspires you to you make better food decisions. Plus, it restores your relationship with food.  Get rid of anything that no longer serves you like chemicals and additives and replace it with food that nourishes you and your family. When you savor, rather than inhale, and take delight in the food you prepare, the energy is elevated, creating more abundance, and generosity in your life.

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