There are always people out there who are going to try and debunk what I do, regardless of all the results I’ve seen. Many are skeptical of Feng Shui. In this episode, I’m going to prove those nay-sayers wrong. I share with you some of my favorite misconceptions, comments from my biggest critics, and call BS.

I think one of my favorite comments I’ve ever received from someone attending a class I did years ago, was that because he couldn’t see it, it didn’t exist. Today, I’ll share my opinion on this and many other comments I’ve gotten over the years and prove to you that whether you think it is or you think it isn’t, you’re right.


Details in your floor plan can indicate what is going on in your life.

Feng Shui is completely irrational, unreasonable, illogical and completely unexplainable.

Yet magic and miracles unfold every day for my clients.

Mustard seed size of faith.

If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist

Just because there is stuff placed around my house it doesn’t mean it’s affecting my job, my health etc

There is no science to back this up

This is complete witchcraft, voodoo, superstitious shit

Everything is not connected.  You are crazy!

Below the cross emotions

Above the cross emotions

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